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Horoscopes for December 6th





ARIES- Though you're usually outgoing, today you might feel more shy and reserved, perhaps because of melancholy thoughts about love or friendship. Someone you care about may be away and you miss him or her.

TAURUS- Information regarding spiritual or philosophical matters that may not be all that trustworthy may come your way. Don't take what you hear today at face value

GEMINI- You need to take advantage of new means of communication — or old ones. Use whatever you think might work, actually, as your energy is perfect for experimentation in communications

CANCER- Your midday meal may prove to be more than just another working (or lounging) lunch. Look around and see who looks interesting — your social energy is perfect for an impromptu lunch date.

LEO- Your ego isn’t the problem — but someone else thinks it is! You need to convince them that you’re not wrapped up in yourself, so see if you can just chill out and show off that epic humility.

VIRGO- You need to speak up today — your deeper ideas are easy to express, and even easier for others to understand. See if you can surprise someone with a plan they can get behind quickly

LIBRA- Join together with your people to try something new and fun — even if you have to choose your activity randomly. Your graceful social energy helps you make the most of a great situation.

SCORPIO- Life gets really weird today — so much so that you might want to just head home (or crawl back into bed) at some point! Just chill and pay attention, as the chaos should contain a few clues

SAGITTARIUS- You need to attend to the little details of today’s big plans. Your energy is perfect for dotting every i and crossing every t, so make sure that all your spreadsheets line up properly.

CAPRICORN- You have to deal with things honestly today, even if that means that you’ve got to hold yourself back. Your integrity is everything, and your positive energy demands that you stick by it.

AQUARIUS- You should do whatever it takes to keep yourself from giving in to peer pressure. Your peculiarities make you special, and there’s no way you can live life authentically with others telling you what to do.

PISCES- You should do whatever it takes to communicate your true feelings today, making a special effort to keep it all positive. Your social and mental energies are in sync and can make a real difference