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January 15th





ARIES- Things are more than a little unclear right now. That does not mean that the situation is hopeless -- far from it -- but rather that you need to deal with uncertainty and act on instinct

TAURUS- You and your people need each other -- and today's events demonstrate that as clearly as you've ever seen! Your assistance is much needed early on, but you get to call in favors for the rest of the day.

GEMINI- You're having a hard time handling all the little obstacles that are coming your way -- but try not to give in to frustration! That's no way to thrive, and your good energy should come back really soon

CANCER- This is not the right time for little, fiddly details. You need to sweep them aside (or save them for later) and focus instead on the big picture. Once you know where you're going, you can check the map.

LEO- Things just don't make much sense today -- but that's okay! If anything it may be for the better that you can't understand at least one of your people, as they're a little loony at the moment.

VIRGO -You are getting a little ticked at your people at home or at work -- they just can't keep up with you! Of course, it all comes down to organization, but it's not like telling them for the thousandth time will help!

LIBRA- This is not a good time to volunteer -- your energy is needed at home or on personal projects. In fact, it's not a good time to draw attention to yourself, so you may want to shut the door for now

SCORPIO- Your life is a mystery sometimes -- and that is just how you like it! See if you can get your friends to guess what's really going on by laying down a few clues (and red herrings, of course).

SAGITTARIUS- You may feel a moment of panic when you think you've lost your keys, wallet, phone or some other important bit of your life. It's one of those days when you can't keep track of everything!

CAPRICORN- You don't have to send everything via email! Take a few minutes to figure out the most appropriate way to get your message across to the people in your life, then get creative with it!

AQUARIUS- Think big! You need to gear your plans and projects toward the widest possible audience today, so make sure that you're handling it all with your usual grace and good humor. Things can get crazy!

PISCES- It's time for you to treat yourself right -- you've been helping others and devoting too much energy to the community. That's important, but it's also important to keep it all in balance.