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January 16th







ARIES- This is not the best day to start something new -- especially if any paperwork needs to be signed! Just try to push things forward one more day so you can review and get a better sense of what's expected of you.

TAURUS- Today is all about teamwork and shared goals -- though communication may be tougher than usual. That doesn't mean you should back down, though! Make sure everyone remembers why you're together.

GEMINI- Your senses feel a little blurry today, thanks in part to some very strange social energy blanketing the planet. You may just want to hole up on your own for the time being and re-enter society tomorrow

CANCER- Your great mental energy is more attuned to big, life-changing problems than to the small stuff -- so get philosophical! You may find that your friends are also more or less on the same wavelength.

LEO- Your friends and family all seem to be flying off the handle at the same time -- it's hard to keep up! Try to just keep your head and let them vent, as there shouldn't be any long-term consequences.

VIRGO- Today should be all about respect -- though you may not get as much as you deserve! It's important to dish it out, though, because leading by example is the best way to get the behavior you want

LIBRA- Don't start off in new directions today -- things have to settle down before you can reasonably push yourself even further. Let opportunities slide if you must, but don't overly commit yourself!

SCORPIO- Your terrific personal energy is making the day go by quickly and easily -- and you may find that you come up with some new ways to show off a little! Things are looking good for your plans.

SAGITTARIUS- Expand your horizons today -- things are just too cramped for you right now! You may find that it's easier to get your friends to give you ideas than to hunt down your own frontiers.

CAPRICORN- Your artistic side is making itself heard today -- so pay attention! Whether it's driving you to create your own works or to check out the latest and greatest in galleries or online, you're feeling quite sophisticated!

AQUARIUS- You have to handle personal business first today, even if you have obligations toward other people or causes. It's not selfish -- you're just making sure you can still help others by taking care of yourself!

PISCES- Your energy is great today -- so make the most of it and do something fun! Your people may be surprised by your stamina, but you don't need to explain yourself. Just have fun with it!