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Horoscopes for December 7th





ARIES- Your hard work is finally starting to pay off, so kick back and see if you can get your people to celebrate with you

TAURUS- Indulge yourself in a little luxurythat feels right for you — you know you deserve it! Your energy and good luck should make for an engaging package as you make your way through a lovely day.

GEMINI- You need to understand things more deeply. It may be a good time for you to step up and see if there’s anything that is still mysterious to you or if you’ve hit a point in life at which it all makes sense.

CANCER- You feel more open than usual to your people and their wild ideas, so open up and hear them out. You may find that you need someone new in order to really make a difference, though.

LEO- Your big heart is right there on your sleeve today, so don’t think you can hide your true feelings with ease. The good news is that most people are impressed by what they see of your emotional side.

VIRGO- Try something new tonight as far as dining or entertainmentis concerned — you may find a sweet new night spot or impress that date with your impulsive decision to head somewhere fun!

LIBRA- You should get along with almost anyone well today, and it’s a great time for teamwork. See if you can get your people to work together to build something new and big. Your quiet leadership paves the way.

SCORPIO- You can’t play nice today, even with your best friends. They’re used to your occasional abrasive behavior, but this time you need to pull back from the brink of starting a full-scale war!

SAGITTARIUS- Your left-brain is hyperactive right now, so make the most of this mental energy and see if you can get your people to follow your lead as you plan for something bigger and better.

CAPRICORN- You’re feeling the urge to take care of the basics today — and that is a good thing! Your needs are vital, and today brings a special kind of energy that helps you to make the most of what you’ve got

AQUARIUS- You’re feeling a little weird about something or someone, and that feeling is likely mutual. Sometimes you run into someone who’s just a bit out of sync with you, but they can make life so much better!

PISCES- You should tell your sweetie how you feel — or your crush, if you’re single. You have nothing to lose by taking what seems like a risk, and you are sure to get the right answer in return.