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JAnuary 17th







ARIES- You're quite excited to be where you are, and can hardly feel the exhaustion that must be setting in. This second wind is exhilarating, and you should be able to push yourself in all sorts of interesting ways

TAURUS- Your naturally slow pace works great for you, but on days like today, it may cause others to get riled up. Don't let them push you around -- you know best how to live your own life, after all!

GEMINI- You need to speed things up a bit, and the only way to do that is to speak up about your ideas. That may take some gumption, but you've got a good sense of how people will react, so go for it!

CANCER- You may need to avoid tense situations or delicate negotiations today, because you are likely to speak without thinking. In some situations, that's great -- think romance or brainstorming.

LEO-You should find a smile on your face no matter what's happening today -- your energy is that great! Some situations call for a more somber attitude, of course, but you can play the part if need be

VIRGO - It's a bad time to try to share evenly -- and you may want to avoid sharing at all! Your energy is too diffuse to keep yourself and all your people satisfied, so start with yourself and then see what you can do.

LIBRA- You may not be feeling so great today -- but that's okay. In fact, you're creating the negativity by misinterpreting something someone has told you recently. Ask around or think things through

SCORPIO- You don't need much to make today work -- in fact, you're at your best if you're not thinking about your own needs at all! Throw yourself into something bigger and let karma take over.

SAGITTARIUS- Your creative energy is firing you up for new activities -- -and you may find that you are influencing friends and colleagues to do the same! It's a really good time for you to branch out in some way.

CAPRICORN- It's nothing life-or-death, but you do need to step up and make sure that you're not over-committed. It's a great time to ask for a postponement of a deadline or something similar

AQUARIUS- You need to push yourself in a new way -- maybe far beyond the bounds of normal society. Your ideas are too big to be contained in any one culture, anyway, so go big if you can

PISCES- Blend in with those around you for a while -- you need to avoid attention as much as you can today. It's not like you're to be singled out for abuse, just that you'd rather stick to the quiet life