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Horoscopes for December 8th






ARIES- If you can go antiquing today, or even on a garage sale journey, that would be perfect — your eye for beauty (and good deals) is peaking. If that’s not your thing, it may be a good time to start a collection.

TAURUS- Financial issues are on your mind — but the trend is positive! You may luck into some small winnings, get a raise at work or find some other way to keep your balance firmly in the black.

GEMINI- Try to focus your energy on something new today. It may be a person, place or thing, but you’ve got to direct everything you’ve got toward understanding and accepting it. A good friend can help.

CANCER- Your social energy is still going strong, and you may decide to chat up a stranger or ask out that cute coworker before your frontal lobe can stop you. That’s good! You need to break out of old habits.

LEO- You should do whatever you can to pour on the charm today — someone really needs a boost. It could be a colleague, but more likely it’s a friend or family member, so show them what’s what

VIRGO- Your great energy should help you stabilize your work life and make it even easier for you to step up and take over when a colleague panics and can’t meet goals. Even if you’re off the clock, you still get a lot done

LIBRA- Your polite ways are making life much sweeter for someone you like, and they are sure to reciprocate. It’s a good time to build alliances and work toward deeper romantic understanding

SCORPIO- It’s hard not to feel antagonized by that colleague or friend who’s showing off — but try to be the grown-up. If you get sucked into a conflict, the odds are good that you may find yourself on the wrong end.

SAGITTARIUS- It’s the small stuff that really matters today, so drill down to the details that matter most. It’s a good time for you to enlist the aid of people who really get what they’re talking about.

CAPRICORN- You should try to hold on, even if things seem to be sliding backward. Your energy is best spent on maneuvering yourself into a better position to come back swinging later on. You can do it!

AQUARIUS- You need to deal with a parent or someone else who has played a guiding role in your life — it may be that the situation is starting to reverse! Help them to see that they need help, and the rest is easy.

PISCES- You have an artistic streak that helps you to see how great things can be, even when they’re at their darkest. Make sure that your people get what you mean and don’t just write you off as a Pollyanna.