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January 21st






ARIES- You can finally relax -- your hard work has paid off in a big way! You should get news letting you know, but even if you don't, you can still feel the reverberations from a distance

TAURUS- Try to indulge your artistic side today -- it's in need of a good workout! You feel terrific, and you probably have more to say than you realize, so grab your favorite tools and get busy on your next masterpiece!

GEMINI- You prefer seamless, fluid movement, but today throws walls in your path. You can actually work better with these restrictions in place, but it's not nearly as much fun. You'll have more freedom tomorrow.

CANCER- Has there been a weird project on the back burner for a little too long? Now is the time to check in with it and see what you can do to make it work. Your energy is great for bringing things back from the brink.

LEO- You are feeling avaricious today -- which isn't always a bad thing! You may find it easier to ask for what you want, though that doesn't mean you're guaranteed to get it. Keep asking, though!

VIRGO- Make sure that you're trying a little of everything tonight -- you need to branch out and explore new options! It's one of those days when your people are looking up to you for guidance

LIBRA- Let go of your biggest, weightiest issues -- you know they're only temporary, really! If your mood is dark, the only answer is to lighten up the things you are thinking about. It's not impossible!

SCORPIO- Try to be more flexible today -- you know that it's important, and you can tell that just a little effort on your part is all it takes to get things moving. Change course or be left behind

SAGITTARIUS- Some people think you can be irresponsible -- but they don't know what's really happening! You just try to take care of what you see as most important, and that doesn't always agree with their view.

CAPRICORN- Just have fun today -- you know you need it, and your friends are more than willing to give you the space to take care of it. Heck, they may join in and make things ten times better!

AQUARIUS- You usually embrace change -- but even you sometimes feel that an idea is misguided. Today brings something new and unavoidable into your life that you would rather not deal with. It should pass!

PISCES- Your romantic side is powered up and ready to go -- whether or not you're actually partnered. It's a good time to either let someone know how you feel or go looking for someone new.