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Horoscopes for December 12th






ARIES- You aren’t at your best today, so you should find a way to hunker down and get some rest. It’s one of those days when you’re sure to find new ways to stumble if you insist on pushing too hard.

TAURUS- Your good feelings are infectious, and you should find that at least one person is happy to spend time with you at any given moment. You may want to hang out in one place for the day to charge it up.

GEMINI- Financial issues are still on your mind, and you can’t get away from them until you take care of planning. It might be as simple as a quick budget or as complex as a ten-year plan, but you’ve got to make it happen

CANCER- Your deeper sense of intuition is primed and ready to go now, so expect a flood of new clues as you spot hidden connections and read between the lines. Things should be really interesting soon enough

LEO- Your sensitive side is out today, and at least one person takes this as an opportunity to tease you without mercy. Do whatever you can to back off, but if you must give it back to them, do so at once.

VIRGO- Try to get your life back in order — even if it feels perfectly fine to you. Your good energy is just right for making sure that all the little details line up and make sense, so get to work for an hour or two.

LIBRA- Progress is hard to come by today, so make sure that you’re not getting too stressed out about the slow pace. Things are sure to pick up soon, and you don’t want to be in a dark mood then!

SCORPIO- Try eating somewhere new today — and definitely eat something you’ve never had before! Culinary adventures can lead to more and more interesting things, and you need some more spice in your life

SAGITTARIUS- Keep pestering the boss (or your mate) for an answer — things are up in the air, and you deserve to know what’s what. It may take all day, but you should be able to wear them down and get what you need.

CAPRICORN- You feel the urge to split today, no matter where you are. It may be a case of the grass looking greener, but you can’t know that until you try. If you keep feeling restless, you may as well sit still and deal with it.

AQUARIUS- If things look dark, keep in mind that this is just a phase. That should give you the confidence you need to push through the system and come out the other side better for the experience.

PISCES- Your dreams are nagging at you again — you’d better pay attention! The good news is that it’s a positive message, or at least that there will be a positive outcome if you stick with your gut feeling