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January 22nd






ARIES- You are moving more rapidly today -- which could mean that your people can't quite keep up. Try to get them to see that you can scout ahead while they scramble after you to keep up.

TAURUS- You are feeling somewhat impulsive today -- which might lead you to some crazy purchases or other wild behavior. Try not to overdo it, but it's harder than usual to rein yourself in.

GEMINI- Your social side is totally energized, and you are sure to meet at least three great new people today. Some may be online, of course, but that's just part of the game you play.

CANCER- Your wild side is taking over -- so let it! You need to make sure that your energy is projected outward, because if this stuff finds its way into your psyche, things could get really strange!

LEO - You and your colleagues need to work together to get anything done -- so make sure that you're leading the way and seeking out their advice. Things can get really great if you let them!

VIRGO- You need to check and re-check the tiny details of your job or your home chores -- something doesn't add up! You may find that you need to ask for a new set of specs for it to make sense

LIBRA- You are in need of a good, long talk with someone -- and you need to be really honest with them! It shouldn't be too hard, and you are certain to come out the other side feeling better about it all.

SCORPIO- Try not to feel too worried about your responsibilities today -- though your decisions are likely to affect other people rather deeply! That kind of pressure sometimes makes you thrive, but today it's just pressure

SAGITTARIUS- You need to keep yourself busy and entertained today -- boredom is the enemy! You may find that other people are the best prevention for a dull life, so get out there and mix it up!

CAPRICORN- Try to take care of those people who really need you first -- though they are also the least likely to ask for help! You may just have to barge in and offer your services without letting them say no

AQUARIUS- You are feeling a strong urge to express yourself in a new way -- so get to it! You may find that your energy is perfect for something new and unique, and there's no time like the present

PISCES- You need to deal with your delusions today -- though that doesn't mean you have to stop believing in them! Some of them are actively helpful, so trim the fat and then get on with your life