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Horoscopes for December 13th






ARIES- You feel the heat — even in December — and you can feel yourself pushing through to something really great. Now is the time for you to burn the competition and make a real name for yourself!

TAURUS- You and a friend or colleague are locking horns — just remember that you need to work with them more closely in the future! You may be able to get your way without causing any disruption

GEMINI- You need to put some of your great ideas into action today — things are looking up for you, and that could mean that you’ve got some new ways to move that should startle the competition!

CANCER- You deserve the best, even when you feel your worst. Today brings a situation that makes you feel somewhat undeserving, but you should remember all the good you’ve done for people recently

LEO- Keep pushing — you’re almost at the top! It could be anything from a new job to a bridge tournament, but your great energy helps you reach the pinnacle with ease today

VIRGO- You need to get better organized today — though you’ve already got some good energy to spare for it. You’re already quite well suited to the challenges you face, but things could always be a little better, right?

LIBRA- You are focused on the big picture today, so make sure that you’re dealing with people who can help you. Your energy is picking up, and you should be able to make some good moves

SCORPIO- Try not to show off too much — you’ve got to let people see that you can be serious. Things are getting weird, but you know how to get even weirder when the time is right for that.

SAGITTARIUS- You are having way too much fun today — so keep it up! Your great energy and awesome attitude mean that you can keep partying long into the night, if that’s your thing. If not, why not?

CAPRICORN- People are on your case about every last thing — and you can’t get them to stop. Just roll with it and see if they are willing to accept a rain check or something less than what they think they need.

AQUARIUS- You need to deal with someone close — someone who needs you more than they know how to say. It may be a good time for you to step up and ask if they need your help. Things can get better!

PISCES- You’ve got opinions — who doesn’t? Still, you need to keep them to yourself today, or risk alienating the people who’ve got your back. Things are getting weird for everyone, so try to just chill out.