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Horoscopes for December 14th






ARIES- Sports and games are perfect for you today, as you’ve got competitive energy that needs cooperative friends to bring out. You may find that you’re perfectly well balanced socially, too.

TAURUS- Try not to show off too much today — people are definitely watching out for signs of pomposity and self-centered behavior. You ought to be able to take care of life without making a big show out of it.

GEMINI-  Your big brain is the center of attention today, no matter where you are. It could be that you’ve got someone new to impress, or that you’re trying to make a splash before starting somewhere new.

CANCER- You need to spend some extra time looking at prices and values, then make sure that you know what you’re getting. At least one person is sure to find you more alluring if you know what you’re doing.

LEO- Your brightness is a beacon to almost everyone nearby — and those who aren’t drawn in should find that your great energy is still welcome. Use this great social arrangement to better life for all!

VIRGO- Work with your people to come up with a new plan. It could be related to work, play or family, but revision is key to success — for now. Your energy is right for settling things

LIBRA- The details are unimportant — you need to just focus on getting it all done (and on deadline). Your energy is great for teamwork and making sure that everyone is doing their part.

SCORPIO- Watch out for others in a position to make your life difficult — they are everywhere, of course, and you might find that your energy isn’t enough to hold them off if need be. Things are getting better, though!

SAGITTARIUS- You need to try something new and dangerous — in a low-key way — to keep your position where you want it to be. The gains you make today are sure to push you forward in the near future

CAPRICORN- Watch out for people today — they are likely to make life difficult for you if they get their way. You should be able to get them to chill out, but it might be hard and take some time

AQUARIUS- You need to come up with creative solutions to difficult problems today, but that’s your specialty. Things could get pretty weird at the end, but you’re more than up to this challenge

PISCES-Keep your eyes on your own paper today — other people just aren’t into sharing much, and that could mean they perceive almost anything as snooping. You can check back with them in a day or two.