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December 16th







ARIES- You need to step up and face this new person — even if you’d rather just hang back and enjoy life. Things are getting pretty weird, but you have the right kind of energy to jump ahead of the pack!

TAURUS- You are having such a good time today that you can hardly believe life can be this sweet. Your deep well of positive energy makes you see things in a new way — one that can be shared!

GEMINI- You need to work out the odds a little better before taking that big risk. That is not to say that you need to avoid taking risks, just that you need to be smarter about it. Things should get easier soon!

CANCER- Share your feelings, thoughts and other tidbits with those around you — even if they’re not in a sharing mood. That could mean that you’re on your own, but more likely, it means a good time for all.

LEO- You are working with numbers quite a bit today — most likely related to finance, but who can say? Your energy is just right for tackling the details, so make sure that you’re in the thick of it

VIRGO- You are at your best when you’re organizing, and today brings out that great energy. You feel in touch with your people and your surroundings and should be able to get almost anything done quickly

LIBRA- You need to take care of business today — and you can do it yourself! Your great energy is perfect for making sure that your plans, projects and duties are all complete by tonight, giving you time for fun.

SCORPIO- You’re feeling great about some new info that’s just come your way — so spread the word or hoard the secret. Information is king, and you are the kingmaker. It’s time for you to decide what to do with this new position

SAGITTARIUS- People are not your best assets today — and they are driving you crazy, to boot! Make sure that you minimize your interactions with those who are likely to make you feel like screaming.

CAPRICORN- You finally come across the one missing piece of that big puzzle — and it’s about time! You may find that your energy is just right for getting people to work together to do something big.

AQUARIUS- Business is harder than usual for you, so make sure that you’re on top of it all as much as you can be — or avoid it entirely! You need to be able to get back into it as soon as things change, though.

PISCES- Take care of business today without over-thinking it — you can get through it all as long as you keep from planning. If someone stops you and asks you what you’re doing, just smile and keep moving.