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Horoscopes for December 19th





ARIES- You’re not just thinking about yourself today — in fact, you seem to be focusing your energy much farther. It’s a good time for you to step up and show the world what you can do for it.

TAURUS- Nothing is as boring as it seems today — especially for you! Just make sure that you’re paying close attention to all the little details and soaking up the beautyaround you. Life keeps getting better

GEMINI- You don’t mind multiple points of view, but sometimes it gets a bit ridiculous! Try to stick with one idea for the day, though almost everyone around you tries to get you to see the other side

CANCER- Your wildly differing ideas are all starting to converge in some big crazy way — but good luck explaining it to someone else! You may find that you’re better off holding it all in for another day or two.

LEO- Try to reach out to someone who has been remote or otherwise hard to get at lately — your attempt should be met with at least an acknowledgement, even if the nitty-gritty has to wait for another day.

VIRGO- Little obstacles keep popping up today, but nothing so terrible that you can’t take care of it right away. See if your friends can watch out for you while you take care of business hands-free.

LIBRA- Your romantic side is out in force right now, so you should do whatever you can to spend qualitytime with your mate — or to attract someone new, if you’re currently single. It’s easy for you!

SCORPIO- Sometimes you need to spend time on your own, even if others are clamoring for your attention. You can put them off in ways that entice them to keep coming back, so when you’re ready, they’re there.

SAGITTARIUS- You are feeling the love today — and your friends are there for you in a big way. It’s a really good time to let them know just what you’re feeling, and see if they can shake out of their own dark moods.

CAPRICORN- You’re focused on a job search — or a work project — to the exclusion of almost everything else right now, and that’s okay. Remember to surface for air by this time tomorrow, though

AQUARIUS- Your brainy energy is back for an extended stay — not that it’s ever far-gone! You should be able to tackle intellectual challenges that baffle your friends, so get out there and make things happen

PISCES- Debt is on your mind today, though you may not realize it. It might not have a thing to do with money, either, as our minds are finely tuned to social economics, so you may feel the urge to repay an old favor