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Horoscopes for December 20th





ARIES- Things are going totally wrong for you today — but that’s not such a bad thing, actually! Everyone needs some down time now and then, and this is the universe’s way of telling you to chill out.

TAURUS- You need to find a way to translate today’s amazing social energy into something bigger and better. You might not feel totally part of the festivities, but everyone around you is glad to be near.

GEMINI- Slow down a bit and think things through. You may have already decided that you need a break, but now is the time to listen to your instincts and force some serious down time!

CANCER- Are any alarm bells going off? If even the tiniest one is ringing, you need to walk away — at least for now. Your intuition is hardly infallible, but you can trust any warning signs that come your way.

LEO- Try to take a second look at today’s big-deal issue. You don’t really know what’s what, but you can make a good guess, and there’s a good chance that your deeper knowledge wins out in the end.

VIRGO- You need to pull back a bit and re-examine your goals. At least one of your big ideas needs to get tossed — but don’t despair! That just means you get to have more room for better, more workable plans.

LIBRA- You need to deal with a business arrangement that can’t be settled by normal means. The good news is that you can take care of it all on your own. You need to get back to your usual team soon, though!

SCORPIO- You feel great about how much you can get done today — so break out your reserves of positive energy! You’re making the most of what you’ve got, and you know perfectly well what comes next.

SAGITTARIUS- You have to use your imagination if you want to get anywhere today — things are sure to be extra boring otherwise! Your energy feels a little off, but you can make do and have a blast

CAPRICORN- The details are vitally important today — so get into them! You may find that it’s more fruitful to lock yourself away with that spreadsheet for a while, as distractions are pretty hard to take.

AQUARIUS- You’ve got to get out in the world and do something today! It could be almost anything, but as long as you’re helping people, you feel good about yourself, so find a new way to volunteer.

PISCES- You need to take care of any paperwork or legal business that’s on your desk today, while your energy is still right for the task. Even if it feels odious, you still need to dredge it all up for the time being.