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Horoscopes For December 21st





ARIES- You feel pretty sedate and more willing than usual to just hide out on your own. There’s nothing wrong with that — other people are in a better position to get their own stuff done today, and you should be back tomorrow.

TAURUS- Today is all about intense, close relationships — family, romance and very old friendships. Your energy is just right to commit or re-commit to someone, so let them know how you really feel.

GEMINI- You need to figure out all the angles today — otherwise, who can say how many mistakes you make? Take all the time you need to think and figure out what has to come next for you.

CANCER- Sometimes you have a hard time picking between two equally terrible options — and then there’s today. You have to say no to someone or something who is perfectly lovely, and it’s hard!

LEO- Something weird is happening down deep in the details of today’s situation. See if you can get some inside dirt from a friend who’s in the know — or use that intuition of yours to pick up a clue!

VIRGO- Sometimes you have to listen to your heart — if only because it’s screaming at you! Today your emotions are driving you in a new direction, and it’s one that should be good for you!

LIBRA- Take a deeper dive into life today — you know that things are going your way, but you might not be so sure how to make the most of it all. As long as you’re moving quickly, you can be assured of success

SCORPIO- Your energy levels are all topped off today, and you should find it easier than ever to get stuff done. Things are looking up for you, so you ought to be able to pull off that one big score by tonight

SAGITTARIUS- Your deepest mind is spinning a bit today, which could mean that you’re adrift — but that’s no reason to panic! If anything, you may find yourself stumbling into something really good.

CAPRICORN- You shouldn’t despair — you’ve got friends who can help you out in a big way. See if at least one of them has a spare moment to hear out your plans. That should be all it takes to get the ball rolling

AQUARIUS- Your career path is back in question — but this time, it’s for a fairly good reason. You may feel the urge to try something new in an effort to be more socially useful. Explore this new way!

PISCES- Things are getting a bit fuzzier for you, so see if you can get yourself to agree with whatever the status quo is for as long as it takes for your rational mind to kick back into gear