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Horoscopes for December 22nd





ARIES- You need to meet some new people today — they’re out there, and they’re ready for you to say hello! It’s a really good time for you to step up a bit and see if you can get your social life back in order.

TAURUS- Try your best to keep people happy today — it’s easy! Your simple charm can work across language barriers and other obstacles, so don’t assume that things aren’t going to work out.

GEMINI- You need to deal with someone new and sweet — maybe a potential love interest. Your socialenergy is perfect for building new relationships, so step right up and introduce yourself.

CANCER- You need to deal with a good friend of yours who is trying to tear you away from your private time. You might have to just give in, as the odds of your getting any thinking done are practically nil.

LEO- Your fiery energy is pushing you to explore the world — or at least your little corner of it. There’s always more to discover, so get out there and find something that feels right to you

VIRGO- Your family may feel like a leash — but you know that you’d feel lost without it. Just let them call the shots while you plan your own personal business to take place in the next few weeks, months or years.

LIBRA- Your mental energy is just right for getting things done today, so make sure that you’re applying yourself to the right problems. If you get too distracted, you might end up somewhere entirely different.

SCORPIO- Your inner life is changing in some interesting ways — especially because you’ve been chewing on some weighty philosophical issues lately! See if you can get yourself into a new groove.

SAGITTARIUS- You need to surprise people today — but that’s not exactly hard for someone like you! Shake up people’s expectations and make sure that you’re making the most of this long burst of positive energy.

CAPRICORN- Try to make sure that you’re focusing on your plans in a deep way today. You need discipline (which isn’t hard for you) and structure to pull this off, so keep your energy stable.

AQUARIUS- Get together with people who think like you today — even if you usually prefer to hang out with others who challenge you. Things are just better off with unanimity for now.

PISCES- Make sure that you’re doing what’s right today, even if you’re not sure exactly what the problem may be. Things are looking up for you, so see if you can get your people to tag along.