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January 28th






ARIES- Life is an adventure, and when your energy is this active, that just means that you're more likely to get to the good parts quickly! Now is a great time for you to forget the future and embrace the present

TAURUS- Your people are more valuable than ever before, so don't be afraid to call on them when you need them. It's a good time to build bridges, too, so add folks to your roster if you can.

GEMINI- A friend or family member, likely younger than you, is trapped by worry, grief or despair. There's only so much you can do, but now is a great time to just sit with them and lead by your sunny example.

CANCER- Don't fret about that gift or new perk -- you totally deserve it! It may be tempting to try to get yourself to give back to peers or family, but now and then you need to accept something that is just for you.

LEO- Your amazing energy is making life incredibly sweet for those around you -- so make sure that you're spending extra time out in the world! Your people are sure to be grateful for the luck you bring.

VIRGO- You need to stick to the plan today -- no matter how tempted you may be to take off on your own! It's one of those days when you can tell that uncertainty is your worst enemy.

LIBRA- Your creative side needs an outlet today -- and at least one of your people needs a new direction! You two can easily support each other as you make it through the day, so enjoy it while it lasts

SCORPIO- This is not the best time to move forward -- in fact, you may need to struggle a bit just to remain in place! See if you can find an ally you can trust so you can focus on the most important issues now.

SAGITTARIUS- You're brimming over with creativity, and you should be able to blaze new trails and have a great time while you do it! Grab a friend and see if they can help you with your big new plans

CAPRICORN- The squeaky wheel may have to get the grease today -- but you don't have to like it! Just wait your turn, because you will eventually get what you need from those in power. Things are looking up!

AQUARIUS- You are a fan of sudden changes -- nothing gradual or piecemeal for you! Today brings a new aspect of life into focus, and you have to make a decision about how to adapt. Make it swift!

PISCES-You may be the only one at work who knows what's really going on -- but good luck telling the rest of the crew! You should be able to get a bit done on your own, but it's better to wait for consensus.