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Horoscopes for December 26th





ARIES- You need to work together today — going solo is a surefire way to get lost! Your energy is just right for leading teams, but you don’t mind taking a backseat when appropriate. Ask around!

TAURUS- You need to hold your ground against those who might want to shake things up just to see the damage they cause. It may be a losing struggle, but at least you’ll know that you tried.

GEMINI- You are craving a foreign adventure — but the timing might not be quite right. Still, you can always dream and make plans so now is a great time to figure out where you want to go and how to get there.

CANCER- You need to learn how to extend yourself beyond your usual daily routines — and today brings the perfect chance to strut your stuff. Just make sure that you’re dealing with people who care

LEO- You are holding on to something important — but it’s time to let go. That’s not to say it’s time to give up, just that your support is better offered from a small distance. Relax and enjoy the process!

VIRGO- Keep everything you say as positive as you can — otherwise, things could spin out of control pretty quickly! You need to be as clear as you can be also, just in case anyone decides to misinterpret you.

LIBRA- Spend more time with your people — your great socialenergy guarantees that you all get along quite a bit better than usual. Things can still be rocky, so watch out for rough edges

SCORPIO- You’re feeling the urge to remake things in a radical way — maybe your look, maybe your career, maybe even your relationshipstatus. Things can get pretty weird, but you thrive on the chaos!

SAGITTARIUS- Impress someone new today — you know that they’re ready for your amazing energy, and your social life could always use some fresh blood. It’s a good time to go on blind datesor crash a party

CAPRICORN- You are feeling the urge to spend more — but this is not the time! Your mind is at loose ends, but you are much better off consolidating what you have instead of acquiring more, more, more!

AQUARIUS- Try to talk up whatever your latest favorite idea may be — even if it seems crazy. Your great energy guarantees that things go well for you, even if not everyone seems to get the joke

PISCES- You feel wise today — so start giving out advice! Your mental energy is up for the task of kicking back and playing enlightened master, but not much else. Try to let the seekers come to you