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January 29th






ARIES- Take one positive step toward better health today -- or more, if you feel it! Now is the best possible time to make sure that you're feeling better for the coming times of strife and action!

TAURUS- You feel more attached than usual to your people -- so let them know! It's a great day for you to step up and make a big show out of your emotions. The right people are sure to be pleased with what they see

GEMINI- Think things through today -- you can't just shoot from the hip and hope for the best! If you have to take some time to yourself to ponder all the angles, that's fine. Slow down and think.

CANCER- Now is the best time to firm up plans with family or colleagues. It could just be lunch tomorrow, or it could be a big production that could make or break your company, but your brain is ready now.

LEO- Your cash flow needs some attention. That doesn't necessarily mean you need to take on a new job or slash spending, but you do have the mental energy to handle budget problems with flair

Virgo- You may have been banging your head against a wall lately trying to figure something out, but today it all clicks into place. You should find that at least one major issue clears up almost overnight!

LIBRA- You've forgotten something important -- but there's part of you that has perfect recall. Just let your mind drift until that tiny voice reminds you of what you need to take care of today

SCORPIO- You need to focus on the small stuff today, which might frustrate you at other times, but can feel like a game now. Things may change for the better in the near future, but you need to handle the mundane stuff today.

SAGITTARIUS- A run-in with a cop or a neighborhood busybody leaves you fuming, but you shouldn't escalate. It's not as bad as it seems, and your ego is sure to heal itself up in no time. Don't make it worse!

CAPRICORN- You make so much progress today that you may shock even yourself. It could be that you're working on a new video game or a romantic pursuit instead of work or school, but there's no shame in that

AQUARIUS- You feel somewhat more in touch with your feelings and those of the people around you -- but don't get too cocky! You still need to make sure that you're checking in with them before assuming too much.

PISCES- It's time to act! Things are heating up in a big way, and that means that you need to step up to make sure that all goes well. It's a good time for you to let your fears just slide away..