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Horoscopes for December 27th






ARIES- You need to be the first one in all things — your energy is funnylike that. Today, your pioneering ways should actually make a real difference in someone’s life, so make the most of it and enjoy

TAURUS- You don’t feel quite right about what you are being asked to swallow, but that just means that you’ve got to be the grown-up and handle it — for now. You can make things right at some point in the near future

GEMINI- Your great socialenergy is helping you to attract the right kind of people — and at least one of them is a real change of pace for you. Make sure to pay close attention to them, as things can change quickly

CANCER- Money issues are making your life more interesting — but you might wish it was more boring! Just roll with it all and see if you can find smart new ways to make the most of what you’ve got

LEO- You’ve got to deal with someone who’s not completely on board with whatever you’ve got to offer. That doesn’t mean you should walk away — -just that you need to keep trying new ideas!

VIRGO- It’s a good time for playful experimentation. Your energy is a bit scattered, but you can take advantage of that to find new ways to take care of business in ways that are simpler or just more fun!

LIBRA- Your deep understanding of how people work and think helps you figure out what’s really going on today. Things might be hard at first, but all at once they click and you know just what to do next.

SCORPIO- Try not to worry too much about them, but at least one older relative is having a rough time. If you were to step up and help them out — especially unasked — you would score a million karma points!

SAGITTARIUS- All that creative energy has to go somewhere — so make the most of it and enjoy your new freedom! See if you can find someone new to chill with, or just head off on your own for an artistic journey.

CAPRICORN- Tackle a new financial project today. It could be as simple as making your own lunch or as complex as planning your retirementout to the last penny. You’ve got the mind for it now!

AQUARIUS- People really are paying attention today — even if they seem distracted. You should be able to get them to see the value of your ideas, and it’s a safebet that things go well for you next time around.

PISCES- It’s one of those days when you really need to quiet your mind. Things are a little out of control, but you can make them right if you just relax and find your center. It’s not easy, but it’s worth it!