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Horoscopes for December 28th




ARIES- Try to kick back and let your dream life take over — things are getting better, even if you can’t quite see that yet. Your energy is subdued, but that is just because it is charging back up to full.

TAURUS- This is not the time to fly off on your own. You’ve got to make sure that you are paying close attention to your friends and family, as at least one of them has a bad problem they need help with

GEMINI- People are sure to see you differently by the end of the day, and while that’s not all bad, it’s likely not all good, either. Make sure you know what’s what so you can make a real difference later on.

CANCER- You need to take care of today’s issues quickly, as you’re experiencing a rush of positive energy that is not to be missed. Almost anything you do is more funand engaging than usual.

LEO- Keep your cool today, no matter what people are saying or doing around you. Things are still getting better, so you should be able to maintain until help arrives or the situation changes for the better.

VIRGO- This is far from a productive day, though you may find that you get more done than your peers. See if you can lend a hand if anything big needs to be taken care of, but otherwise, focus on your own stuff.

LIBRA- If life is hard today (and there is a good chance of that), you just need to make sure that you’re focusing on the details that give you pleasure. It’s harder than you might think, but it’s not impossible for you

SCORPIO- What you want and what you see are starting to intersect quite a bit, so make sure that you’re positioning yourself strategically. Those around you might get caught up in the flow as well

SAGITTARIUS- Now is the time to go for something big and bold. You may want to take a class, retrain at work, date someone unusual for you or eatfood that would have disgusted you two years ago

CAPRICORN- Things are looking up for you, though maybe not so much for those around you. Try to get them to see things your way using the universal language of art. Take folks out of their usual way of seeing things

AQUARIUS- Your decision to reach out and help someone in need is key today — so you may want to find some new way to show your compassion. Surprise a friend or colleague with a random act of kindness

PISCES- Your mental and spiritual energy are in alignment once again, so do something big to transform your self-perception. It may be that you’ve got the momentum to make that change you’ve always wanted to make!