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Horoscopes for January 2nd





ARIES- Your fiery nature is totally energized right now, and you should find that it’s easier than ever to score new finds and make exciting discoveries. Things are definitely going your way!

TAURUS- You’re at your best when you can take your time and shoparound, and today shows that off in a big way. Things are sure to go your way eventually, but for now, you need to deliberate as long as possible

GEMINI- Your more distant friends and acquaintances play bigger roles in your life today, so pay attention to folks you sometimes think of as extras. Things are sure to get more interesting as you explore the fringes

CANCER- Trust your memory today — you know better than most what went down yesterday or ten years ago. The details don’t really matter, but you’ve got all the big issues down cold. Count on it!

LEO- You’re having too much fun to worry about where to store all this new information. In fact, your positive attitude should help you move past the hard part and get back to the fun part!

VIRGO- Your spirits are higher than ever right now, and you should find that your energy is just right for keeping people moving and motivated. You may find that you need to convince a friend of something unbelievable

LIBRA- What do you want and what do you really need? You may have to ask such questions of yourself and those around you today as you hunt for the perfect compromise. You can get there

SCORPIO- Performing service is vital for you today in one way or another. Make sure that you’re engaged with the right people and willing to let their needs come first. Things can get really interesting!

SAGITTARIUS- You’re getting more done than you had ever dreamed possible — and you’re finding that it’s easier than ever to share your tips and tricks with those around you. It’s a good time to get your team energized!

CAPRICORN- You need to think hard about your family — preferably in the widest possible terms. Even if you don’t know how far back your roots go, you can still think about your place in history, right?

AQUARIUS- Your caring, nurturing side is showing — though it might be coming out in some weird ways. You may decide to chuck it all and join the Peace Corps, or you might set a friend straight about something uncomfortable.

PISCES- Just because you’re not sure what your best friend means, that doesn’t mean they aren’t perfectly clear inside their own mind. Try to live with the ambiguity until they find a better way to express themselves