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Horoscopes for January 3rd






ARIES- You need to deal with your financial situation ASAP — even if you feel that it could slide for a few weeks or months. Your mental energy is in the right place to take care of these issues.

TAURUS- You are feeling better than usual today — so much so that you might decide to call in to work and just explore or nest. Do whatever feels right to you, as your great energy can’t steer you wrong.

GEMINI- One obstacle after another pops up to interfere with today’s progress, but don’t despair — it’s just a short run of bad luck, and it doesn’t mean that you’re on the wrong path. Adversity breeds strength!

CANCER- Your interpersonal energy is buzzing — it’s time to make the most of it! Maybe you can make a new friend, or make a great impression on a spontaneous informational interview.

LEO- You should focus at least some of your energy on career issues today — you’ve got quite a bit to deal with, but you’re in the right place to make bold moves and impress all the right people

VIRGO- You and your mate — or business partner, or fellow spiritual seeker — are getting along better than usual, and you may find that the two of you have even more in common than you had realized

LIBRA- You feel the love flowing through you — and everyone else can see it! Whether you’re on the prowl or happily mated, you look good and feel even better. It’s the best time to make something new happen!

SCORPIO- You and your mate or close friend need to talk things out — otherwise, life could get out of control for both of you! Make sure that you’re listening as well as talking, or things might get really confusing

SAGITTARIUS- You should speak up today — you might not get a better time to say what’s really on your mind. Things might still be difficult for a while, but as long as everyone knows what’s up, you can manage

CAPRICORN- You need to deal with a problem using creative means — the same old answers just can’t work this time out! You may have to ask for assistance from someone who’d ordinarily say no.

AQUARIUS- You need to deal with the past in some way. It could be a parent, it could be a family trauma or it could just be your own old desires coming back for a little visit. You may want to clear this up soon!

PISCES- Communication is everything today — and you may need to shake things up a little in order to get people to really listen! Your energy is stable enough that you can do so without much risk