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January 31st









ARIES- Partnership issues will be a bit messy today and they will stay messy until someone makes a decision to sort things out. You know what is coming: that person will have to be you. You're the only one with any drive.

TAURUS- Cosmic activity at the midheaven angle of your chart means you have the power to make things happen, but it also means you will have to overcome opposition from rivals. Be brave and take the fight to them

GEMINI- With the Sun now moving through the most adventurous area of your chart there is no way you will stay in one place for any length of time. Go where your instincts take you and don't worry that others might not approve.

CANCER- You will find yourself drawn to someone who is new to your social scene and you will quickly form a bond that cannot be broken. But don't neglect existing relationships - friends and family, as always, are relying on you.

LEO -A confrontation of some sort is likely today but that's good because you need to clear the air. Most of all you need to let certain people know that you are not the sort who can be bad-mouthed without fighting back

VIRGO- The planets warn if you don't treat what you are working on with more respect you will make a poor job of it, which in turn will reflect badly on you. All tasks are important, even the small ones.

LIBRA- There is no point trying to hide your feelings because your face will betray you. If there is something you feel strongly about, come right out with it and let everyone know why you are suddenly so emotional.

SCORPIO- What goes around comes around and what you have to put up with today is most likely payback for something you said or did in the past. It's not some kind of cosmic punishment, it's just the way things work

SAGITTARIUS- You will rush here, there and everywhere today, and most likely get nowhere fast. The planets are trying to tell you that if you slow down a bit you will accomplish more in the long-term. Try listening

CAPRICORN- Make it your aim today, and over the remainder of the week, to improve your professional and financial relationships. Show others you care about them as people and they'll show you what they can do for you

AQUARIUS- The old always gives way to the new, so there really is no point holding on to what even you can now see is past its sell-by date. Take a few risks and move with the times. What have you got to lose?

PISCES- The more open and outgoing you are now the more you will achieve a few weeks hence when the Sun begins its transit of your birth sign. What good is life if it is not an adventure? Time to explore!