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horoscopes for January 8th





ARIES- You have to slow down quite a bit — your pace has been unsustainable! Things are getting weird for you, but the good news is that once you’ve taken a break, you should feel much better.

TAURUS- You should find that your ability to relate to others is greatly enhanced now. It may feel as if you’re tapped into a deep, spiritual well that they also draw from, and that makes connecting a snap.

GEMINI- You need to avoid the temptation to keep moving on today — at least one person or situation demands 100% of your attention and time. Once you’re locked in, do your best to avoid distraction.

CANCER- Your ability to get what you want through diplomatic means is heightened for now, so make sure that you’re getting what you need and showing others how they can do the same thing.

LEO- Some see you as stubborn — but you know you just choose when to be flexible. Things aren’t quite right for that today, so make sure that you’re letting those in the know understand why.

VIRGO- Travel is easier than usual to plan for — and pay for — so reach for the moon (not literally, of course)! If you’ve always wanted to go somewhere or see something, now is the time to make it happen.

LIBRA- Art and music are more appealing than ever, thanks to your grounded energy and willingness to push yourself further and further. Things are looking good, so keep it up as long as you can!

SCORPIO- You may be surprised to see your foe (however you define that term) in a position of strength, but that just means that you’re in need of more information. Things should make more sense tomorrow.

SAGITTARIUS- Your analytical brain is hyperactive today, which could mean you’re distracted by problems that are more interesting than they are important. Try to prioritize and get on with what’s crucial.

CAPRICORN- You need to deal with kids today — your own or someone else’s — and you should find that your energy and attitude are perfect for the task. At least one of them may get you thinking in a new way.

AQUARIUS- Your big brain isn’t all good — it brings with it a huge capacity for boredom! That might be all you’ve got in the early part of the day, but you ought to find ways to amuse yourself by the time tonight rolls in.

PISCES- Love is most certainly in the air today, and you should find that your energy is just right for all things romantic. If you’re partnered, get out together if possible; if you’re single, you may bump into someone new