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Horoscopes for January 9th





ARIES- Your family is even more important to you than usual today, so make sure that you’re listening carefully and letting them know you’re there for them. You can score some major points

TAURUS- That lunch meeting or dinner date should go quite well for you today — your social energy is great, and getting together over food is almost perfect. If you don’t have anything scheduled, make it happen!

GEMINI- You have to keep your wallet stashed away somewhere safe today — though it’s not like you’re going to get mugged! Rather, you just need to keep a tight rein on your finances this time

CANCER- You’re on your own today — but that is a good thing! Make sure that you’re spending time on the projects that mean the most to you. You should find that things are looking up for a while

LEO- Your natural modesty is showing today — and at least one person really likes what they see! This could lead to something new and wonderful for you in some aspect of your life.

VIRGO- Your family needs you to convene a gathering of some kind — maybe you all need to eat dinner together, or maybe you need a full-scale family reunion. Your ambition is the only thing limiting the possibilities.

LIBRA- You’ve got too much swirling around in your head today, so make sure that you can get some down time to relax and work through it all. If your emotions are all scrambled, take the day off!

SCORPIO- Your deep subconscious mind is making a break for it — so chase after it and see where it leads! Your hunches should be impeccable and your mind-reading skills remarkable. Make the most of them!

SAGITTARIUS- You and your partner (romantic, business, academic or other) are swimming in different streams today, and you just can’t seem to connect. That’s fine — just make sure you’re ready when you do meet up.

CAPRICORN- There’s no real mystery about what to do today — just take care of the issues that are obviously crying out for attention. You can probe more deeply some other time if you feel like it.

AQUARIUS- A seemingly simple task turns out to be much harder than you had anticipated — so see if you can peel it back into its component parts and tackle them one at a time. Things are sure to pick up soon!

PISCES- You’re having fun and chilling with your best people today — go with it and let your energy be your guide. It’s a good time for you to step up and show someone new how it’s done!