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Horoscopes for January 10th







ARIES- You need to deal with a parental issue. That could mean dealing with your kids, your parents, or needing to intervene between two generations of some other family. You’ve got what it takes

TAURUS- Your good energy is keeping you happy and feeling good today, so make sure that you’re pushing yourself a bit and getting yourself out in the world. Things are good and getting better!

GEMINI- You may stumble upon a sweet deal today. Go for it if it feels right — saving money can take many forms, and sometimes you need to spend a little in order to keep your bank account stable.

CANCER- Your energy levels are getting higher, so make sure that you’re dealing with the projects and people that mean the most to you. You’re on a roll, and things are just getting better

LEO- You can get along with almost anyone right now, so show the new colleague what’s what or make sure that your kids understand how you really feel. It’s a good time for you to make a difference.

VIRGO- Your social life gets a little boost today, as you either make a new friend or receive an unexpected visit from someone you haven’t seen in a while. Enjoy the attention and prepare to return it!

LIBRA- Avoid the temptation to volunteer or even to speak up today — your energy may call you out for some negative attention if you make a scene. That doesn’t mean you can’t speak with friends, of course.

SCORPIO- You find yourself lost in conversation today — in a good way! You may realize you’re late for an appointment or meeting, but you’re better off canceling it and doing what feels right

SAGITTARIUS- Your flexibility is vital, so make sure that you’re dealing with situations that demand it. You may feel exhausted by the end of the day, but that’s exactly what is needed. Enjoy the rest!

CAPRICORN- You’ve got a few new ideas for handling today’s big business — so make sure that the right people are paying attention! You’ve got to check into at least one new large-scale project, too.

AQUARIUS- If you can just settle into the safety of life’s little routines, you should be able to find new ways to endure — or even enjoy — the boredom. If you struggle too hard, everyone is miserable.

PISCES- Creative energy comes easily to you even on your worst days, and this is far from that! You should be able to pop up with great notions and surprise people with new ways of seeing things