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Feb 1st






ARIES- You will do your reputation, and maybe your bank balance too, a heap of good today by doing something that takes friends and family by surprise. People expect you to think and act in certain ways - so wrong-foot THEM.

TAURUS-Whatever you do and however you do it people will applaud you for a job well done. Both at home and at work you are leading a charmed life at the moment. Make the most of it - you know it won't last!

GEMINI- What you dream of now will come true in the near future, so dream away to your heart's content. It may be that certain people are not taking you seriously but they will soon learn the error of their ways.

CANCER- You may be tempted to treat life as a bit of a joke over the next 24 hours, and most likely you are right to do so The things that other people get worked up about are not worth the time or effort.

LEO- Anything is possible if you want it enough - if you really, truly desire something you will find a way to get it. Keep that thought in mind not just today but throughout the coming month. And act on it.

VIRGO- You won't lack for self-belief today but watch out you don't get over confident and make a mess of a task you could usually do with your eyes closed. You know what comes before a fall, don't you? Pride.

LIBRA- Try to be a bit more cautious in your decisions today, especially if you are involved in a project that could cost you rather a lot if it goes wrong. Remember: there is no such thing as a sure thing

SCORPIO- This looks like being an excellent day for affairs of the heart. If there is someone you have been admiring from afar now is the time to get up closer, make contact and look for ways to spark a romance.

SAGITTARIUS- No matter how daunting the task that faces you today you will make a good job of it. The most important step is the first one, so stop worrying that you are out of your depth and get cracking

CAPRICORN- Don't push yourself too hard today. Jupiter, planet of excess, is now moving forwards again through the wellbeing area of your chart, so you may be tempted to do something rash. You'll regret it in the morning.

AQUARIUS- Your task for the day is to help others - not just friends and family but people you meet out in the world as well. The best way to help, as always, is to lead by example. No one does it better than you.

PISCES- It's okay to have fun - in fact it's essential - but don't go overboard and forget that you still have chores to finish and duties to fulfill. The harder you work now the happier your weekend will be.