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Horoscopes for January 11th




ARIES- Your sweet side is out in the open for all to see — so show off! If you’ve got a sweetie, make sure to sweep them off their feet, but if not, you’re sure to catch someone’s eye today.

TAURUS- You and your colleagues — or possibly your mate — are locking horns and can’t let go. This is one of those struggles that’s worth pursuing, even though you’d probably rather be doing anything else.

GEMINI- Your left-brain is hyperactive right now, though it’s not like you’re without creative ideas! You should find that almost any intellectual puzzle is fairly easy for you to solve, so get to work!

CANCER- You need to deal with something that’s bigger than usual today — so make sure that you’re living large! Your energy feels like it’s diffusing, but you can still make a big splash.

LEO- You are quite impressive today — and at least one person is sure to notice you at your best! Things might get pretty interesting as you show off, so make sure that you are letting folks know how it is now.

VIRGO- Try your best to adapt to whatever is going on around you right now — things are getting weird, but you can at least make sure that you don’t follow suit too strongly. Wait a few days before returning to form.

LIBRA- You need to get with your friends today — they are needier than they are letting on. Things might come to a head later on, but it should at least be partially positive for everyone involved.

SCORPIO- You feel challenged by something big going down today — but it just gives you the opportunity to show off a little in front of the people who matter most to you. Make the most of it!

SAGITTARIUS- Are you on the road again? Today is the best day for you to do just that, so make sure that your energy is spent on things that matter to you out in the world. Travel is optimal, so make a break for it!

CAPRICORN- You should do whatever it takes to smooth the flow of work today — things are not going to be easy unless you make them so. Most of your people are just looking out for themselves, unfortunately.

AQUARIUS- You need to reach out and compromise with someone who’s not on your side. It may be tough at first, but if you’re persistent, you should each end up feeling equally satisfied with the results

PISCES- Are you really taking care of yourself? Things could get out of hand really quickly if you’re not wary, so make sure that you’re paying close attention to what your body is trying to tell you!