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Horoscopes for January 12th






ARIES- Your creative ideas are coming quickly today — almost too quickly to record — so make sure that you’ve got good people around to help you make the most of this burst of inspiration!

TAURUS- Let go of your impulse to lecture or even to remind people of what they need to do today — things just aren’t going your way right now, but that is okay. Your energy is best spent taking care of your own needs.

GEMINI- Your big ideas are important, so make sure that the world can hear them. Your brainy energy helps you promote the best of the best in a way that makes life better for all the right people.

CANCER- Act impulsively today — why shouldn’t you? It’s likely that at least one of your hot ideas will make the difference between blah and awesome, so branch out and try the unexpected

LEO- You need to make the most of today’s great energy — you are practically a celebrity at work or among friends! It’s a good time to ask for favors or see if you can promote your new big idea.

VIRGO- You feel much busier than usual, even if your energy is back where it ought to be. Try to keep track of your activity so you can decide if you need to take on assistance for the future

LIBRA- Your hopes and dreams are closer to the surface than they have been of late, but that could mean that you need to get busy sooner than you had intended. Things are looking up, honest!

SCORPIO- You need to deal with your boss, even if you’re off work or unemployed. It could be that someone from an old career path needs a boost or a big favor from you, so make it happen quickly

SAGITTARIUS- big boost comes your way and makes you see things a little differently. Your amazing energy could mean that you find a new way to get ahead in your career, or it could be artistic inspiration.

CAPRICORN- A big issue pops up at work today — or crowds out your job search, if you’re looking. You may have to divert most of your resources to handling it, but the good news is that it should all come together

AQUARIUS- You need to deal with a big power struggle that is coming down fast. Things might get pretty crazy if you don’t try to push ahead, so make sure that you’ve gathered your allies early on.

PISCES- It may be time for a change of diet — the holiday season is past, and even if you’re free of New Year’s resolutions, you will still feel better with more fresh veggies and whole grains filling your belly.