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February 4th






ARIES- You may be a go-getting Aries but there are only so many things you can do in a day, so don't push yourself too hard. Mars, your ruler, is passing through one of the more relaxed areas of your chart. Get the message?

TAURUS- Your feelings run deep but you can't seem to find an adequate outlet for them. How frustrating! If all else fails try something physical, something that forces you to work up a sweat. Team sports, especially, will be fun.

GEMINI- You must be honest today. You must bring any bad feelings you may have towards people you work or do business with to the fore. The most important thing is that you can be truthful with one another.

CANCER- Expect the best today and it will most likely happen. Today's cosmic climate indicates that good thoughts will lead to good things occurring- but also that bad thoughts could lead to bad things. It's your call.

LEO- Try not to allow materialistic issues to govern your life. Make a special effort to raise your sights above worldly things and you may discover something of unequalled value. There is more to life than making money.

VIRGO- You may be in an adventurous mood at the moment but the planets warn this is not the best time to take risks. Above all, don't let others persuade you to do things you do not feel comfortable with.

LIBRA- Cosmic activity in one of the more sensitive areas of your chart suggests that someone does not approve of your behavior. Do you care? You should, because this person has the power to make life difficult for you. Tread carefully

SCORPIO- No matter what your responsibilities may be you owe it to yourself to leave them behind and take life easy for a while. The more you rest now the more you will make a good job of your duties later on.

SAGITTARIUS- A domestic matter of some kind has to be dealt with - not tomorrow or the day after but right now. Take everyone's feelings into consideration but then make a decision - and make sure everyone follows it.

CAPRICORN- The planets warn that no matter how much you desire a particular object once you have got it you will realize it was not what you wanted at all. You are searching for something deeper, so look inside yourself.

AQUARIUS- You may be sociable by nature but watch out who you make friends with this coming week. Some people are genuine, of course, but others want to get close to you for financial reasons. You're not that gullible, are you?

PISCES- Mars links with your ruler Neptune in your birth sign today, which will help you to take the initiative and get everyone around you working towards the same goals. You should be this dynamic and decisive more often!