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Horoscopes for January 13th






ARIES- You should do whatever you can to stick to your routines today — otherwise, you may find that your energy is spent on putting out fires or otherwise wasted. Sometimes boredom is an asset!

TAURUS- You are having a great time today — all that good energy is making you feel the love, and at least one other person is sure to join you. Things look good, so make sure that you’re on top of the scene!

GEMINI- You can’t reach your familywell today, either because they are actually inaccessible by phone or email or because they are unable to hear what you’re saying. Things may look different in a couple of days

CANCER- Try to reach out and really communicate today — there is at least one person who needs to hear some plain, honest truth. That can be hard at work or even in a family, but you can find a way.

LEO- You need to deal with a financial knot today — otherwise, you may find that your energy is better spent on other practical issues. Make sure that your time is spent handling the problems that matter

VIRGO- You may find that all that hard work you’ve put in over the weeks or years finally pays off today. Your energy is in sync with the rest of the world, and you should find that you win big as a result.

LIBRA- You need to show off your perceptive side — there is at least one person who needs to see that you have been watching. The good news is that your low-key energy is perfect for observation

SCORPIO- Your need to take care of your secrets is quite strong right now, which could mean that you’ve got to grab a friend and prep them for their eventual interrogation. You can make it happen!

SAGITTARIUS- You can’t handle authority with your usual good grace today, so make sure that you’re keeping it as quiet as can be when you’re getting that lecture. Things should shake out in a few days, though

CAPRICORN- You should sit down with a pad and paper — or your favorite planning app — and detail your strategy for the next few months or years. Things are looking up, and you’ve got to make a go of it.

AQUARIUS- You should take a little extra care with business today. Things aren’t quite as they appear to be, and that could put you in a weird position if you start to see things in a particular way.

PISCES- Your relationships are quite important, especially on a day like today. You may need to share something that’s been hidden for a while, or just listen as a good friend confides in you.