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Horoscopes for January 16th






ARIES- Listen carefully to what your people are trying to tell you. Things are looking up, but you need to make sure that you’re pushing for what’s best for everyone, not just for yourself. You can all win!

TAURUS- Life can be better, of course — you just have to want it. On a day like today, you should find that your energy is better spent on something new and promising, so pick a plan and go for it!

GEMINI- All that brainy energy needs to be put to use, so make sure that you can find someone who’s willing to put up with your crazy schemes and nutty plans. You need a henchman to pull it all off!

CANCER- A kid, roommate or neighbor has decided to make your life difficult today, but you don’t have to take the bait. It may enrage them to see you so serene, but if that’s what it takes, you should do it

LEO- People see things your way today, and are likely to agree with your plans and ideas, even if you can’t quite articulate them fully. Things should start to look up for you very soon.

VIRGO- Try something new and different today — your people are sure to take notice. In fact, you might even score yourself a new social position just by announcing that it’s yours. Go for it!

LIBRA- You need to get out there and soak up some art — or some natural beauty. Heck, you could even just go to the gym and check out the hotties, if that’s where you’re at these days

SCORPIO- Listen to your subconscious mind today. It’s got everything you need to make your move, though it might feel as if you’re placing faith in an untested plan. You need to do just that to win big!

SAGITTARIUS- Your social life is taking off in a big way, and you should find it easier than ever to make new friends and connections. It’s a great time to stick with the group and ensure that life pushes forward.

CAPRICORN- You need to move forward in line, even if it means sharpening those elbows and jabbing a few of your less competitive peers in the ribs. It should pay off for you in the long run, and all will be forgiven.

AQUARIUS- Try to make a new friend today — and make it someone you’d never have thought would be of interest. You thrive on diversity in all its forms, so reach out and see what new direction your life takes

PISCES- It’s time to get serious about any New Year’s plans you made — clear out your old baggage and get ready for something (or someone) new! Your energy is just right for making big decisions