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January 17th






ARIES- You’ve got to deal with some serious business that only you know is happening — in fact, it might all be inside your head! Make sure that you’ve got the right resources to tackle all this.

TAURUS- Your depth is legendary — it feels like it goes all the way to the center of the earth sometimes! Today, you might find it easier to show someone how you feel instead of telling them.

GEMINI- You should make sure that you’re paying close attention to things like duty and service today, even if they never really pop up ordinarily. Your energy is just right for taking care of others.

CANCER- Leave any big decisions for another day — for now, you should be all about enjoying the moment. You may find that your intuitions start to coalesce by tonight, but let them keep jelling for a bit longer.

LEO- Try to take a new look at an old problem — things are going on at a deeper level than you could previously see. It may take some effort, but it is sure to pay off for you. Keep at it

VIRGO- Let your curious nature drive your day — you may end up somewhere really crazy or unexpected, but it is sure to be where you were meant to go. Be as courageous as you possibly can!

LIBRA- You need to deal with your business partners today. If you’re on your own (or even unemployed), think about how your social networks can help you to get ahead along your career path

SCORPIO- Your innate energy is drawing others to you like moths to a flame — watch out for the smell of singed wings! You may find it nicer to close yourself off with the one person who can really handle you.

SAGITTARIUS- You are dreaming of something big today — so big that you might have to check in with your people if you want to make it happen. That’s a good thing, so start the process and exercise patience

CAPRICORN- You and your people are getting along better than ever today, so make sure that you can leverage that into some seriously good times — at the very least! You may also score a date or a new job if you want.

AQUARIUS- Your working life is making you a little frustrated — so do something about it! You may find that your energy is just right for making new connections or polishing up your resume

PISCES- You need to take care of your people today, even if it means showing off a little. Things are looking up, so make sure that you’re keeping it positive as you demonstrate what you’re capable of.