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Horoscopes for January 18th







ARIES- Your emotional side is making life much weirder for you right now, so make sure that you can find a new way to handle it. You may need to try exercise or even therapy, but you can make it happen.

TAURUS- Your emotions are still riled up — and still making you feel like something big is afoot. You may want to check in with someone new who can help you get a handle on it all. This can be good!

GEMINI- Pay attention to your health today. If you feel great, now is the best time to ensure you stay that way through good diet or exercise. If you’re down, see what you can do to lift yourself back up.

CANCER- Things are churning in a big way today, so make sure that you’re getting what you need from your people. This is sure to be good in the long run, even if it feels difficult right now.

LEO- You’ve got layers within layers today so you need to make sure that you’re letting your deeper feelings and thoughts come to the surface — even if you decide to keep them to yourself!

VIRGO- No matter what you’re trying to do, go into it deeply. You may find that your energy is better spent on something that could make a real difference in the life of someone close to you.

LIBRA- Try to take things to a new level today. Make sure that your energy is spent on the things that really matter to you, not just whatever other people are all het up over.

SCORPIO- Your ability to weave a web of mystery is making life more interesting for everyone around you, so make sure that you’re spinning tales and showing others how awesome life can be.

SAGITTARIUS- Your mood swings are taking you back a few steps today, and that could be a source of irritation. Make sure that you can deal with your dark side, but don’t expect it to last forever

CAPRICORN- Your bemusement may sometimes irritate your friends, but that just means that you need to deal with your people remotely today, so they can’t see your little smirk as they complain about whatever it is this time.

AQUARIUS- Your emotional side needs a workout today — and that’s what’s coming! You may find that your people are more difficult than usual, or that old baggage comes up for a new visit. Make sure you’re working it!

PISCES- You can’t be sure who you’re dealing with right now, so make sure that you’re not just assuming the best — or the worst. Things are sure to shake out pretty soon, and that’s when you can act.