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Feb 7th






ARIES- Friendships are under excellent stars at the moment and someone you meet on your travels today or tomorrow will become a firm favorite. Yes they're a bit "different" but that's what makes them so interesting

TAURUS- The current planetary set-up is overwhelmingly favorable. No, really, it is. Today's influences are especially good for matters related to your work or career, so make use of them. Let your boss see how keen and committed you are.

GEMINI- Employers and other important people are hugely impressed by your efforts over the past few months and some sort of recognition or promotion cannot be far away. They can see you've got what it takes - so take it.

CANCER- You don't have to be fearful. You don't have to hide in the shadows. The way to overcome your doubts is to put them to the test. Do something today that most people would try to avoid. You're not most people.

LEO- Try not to be too hard on yourself. Yes, you have made mistakes, maybe more than a few, but you are human like everyone else, so don't beat yourself up about it. You make more mistakes because you take more risks.

VIRGO- What you need to remember today is that pressure can be creative. It may feel as if you are being forced to move into unfamiliar territory but don't complain too much - you will feel the benefits soon enough.

LIBRA- Expect only good things over the next 24 hours. With Venus, your ruler, linked to luck planet Jupiter, no matter how far-reaching the changes in your life may be they will be positive ones, so why worry?

SCORPIO- Break out of your rut and do something more constructive with your time. What that something is only you can decide but anything of an artistic nature will go well for you now, as will affairs of the heart.

SAGITTARIUS- You will have to act quickly today if you want to avoid some kind of feud boiling over. Be fast, be firm and be the one who demands honesty all round. Too many people are still avoiding the truth.

CAPRICORN- Ignore rules and regulations. Do what comes naturally and take no notice of those who say you should do everything by the book - if you listen to them it's unlikely you will ever get anywhere worth going.

AQUARIUS- The omens are very much in your favor and there is no telling what you might achieve if you have the courage to take a few risks. On the love front especially you will be much in demand over the next 24 hours.

PISCES- It may seem as if everyone but you is having fun at the moment but that's just because of your negative outlook. Open your eyes and see what a truly privileged lifestyle you lead - and pretty soon you'll be smiling again.