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Horoscopes for January 20th





ARIES- You need to move today — things are going pretty quickly, but you can move even faster. Try to make sure that your people are ready to go when you say go. That could be any moment

TAURUS- This is not the time for risky behavior. Make sure that you’re playing it safe and getting your people to do the same, if possible. Things will be looking up for your group if you can get past today

GEMINI- You should step up and move quickly today — things are getting ahead of you, but you can take care of them if you’re ready to act right away. It’s one of those days when you’re sure to win big if you play.

CANCER- Take care of yourself — someone has to! Your energy is somewhat inward-focused for the time being, and it can heal a nasty emotional wound that has been bugging you for quite a while.

LEO- You’re having too much funto freak out over your new responsibilities — in fact, they might be the very things that are provoking all that fun in your life. Relax and enjoy what’s coming your way

VIRGO- You should do what you can to ensure that your people are properly engaged today — even though you may want to toss all your plans out the window. Things are getting better, honestly!

LIBRA- You’re exploring new territory today, and that could make someone feel left out. Fortunately, you’re great at helping others to see how they are important, even when they’re feeling idle.

SCORPIO- You need to take a risk today, though you may not have it in you to push things as far as you want to. Just make sure that you’re not totally playing it safe if you want to move forward at any speed

SAGITTARIUS- Your secret admirer strikes again — though they might be too subtle for you to notice. Things are getting weirder, and you need to settle this before you start to suspect everyone!

CAPRICORN- You’re feeling extra-idealistic today, so much so that you might decide to push things forward without really thinking them through. It’s time for you to do something that is worth doing!

AQUARIUS- Your friends are key players today, so make sure you’re paying attention and in communication with them. It’s a great time for partying and schmoozing, so make something good happen.

PISCES- Your dealings with authority are making your life more difficult today, but that just means you need to avoid anyone who can tell you what to do (or thinks they can, anyway)! Go it alone, if you must.