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Horoscopes for January 23rd





ARIES- You can’t go it alone today — but you can set the pace and lead the charge. Your ability to get others to follow is legendary, and today is the day that it all comes together for you. Don’t be shy!

TAURUS- You and your people are getting along quite well today, so make sure that your energy is spent in living life, instead of planning for worst-case scenarios. Prudence is for some other time!

GEMINI- Someone close to you may start lecturing you or trying to force you into a set of constraints that don’t feel right. Make sure you’re able to tell them how you feel, but freedom might not come ’til tomorrow

CANCER- An extreme wave of emotion washes over you. Delight, grief, exhaustion, envy — it could be almost anything, but it’s sure to be intense. Don’t deny what’s happening. Make sure you’re open to new possibilities.

LEO- Today sheds new light on your desires and ambitions. If you didn’t know what you wanted yesterday, you’re sure to figure it out by tonight! It’s a great time to push ahead and make real progress

VIRGO- You are having a blast today — which is just how it should be! See if you can get your friends to cover for you as you abandon ship and head off into uncharted waters for some serious fun.

LIBRA- You’ve reached the limit of your capacity for self-pity. It’s time for you to shake it all off and move forward, no matter how unready you think you are. Once you push yourself, even a little, it gets better.

SCORPIO- Hold your cards close to your chest — you know you need to be cagey today. At least one person is trying to figure out what’s going on in your head, which we all know is a fool’s game

SAGITTARIUS- You’ve got a creative side that some folks don’t get to see very often. It’s also rather sensitive— and today, it craves new art or music. Check around and soak up some culture. Surprise someone

CAPRICORN- You need to decide what’s happening today — your energy guarantees that you have more influence than usual. It’s also likely that someone in a position of power decides to reward you for past efforts.

AQUARIUS- You may find yourself flailing today, especially if you aren’t enjoying your work or chores. Find a way to keep on track or you may find yourself losing ground quickly

PISCES- You are at the center of a mutually supporting web of contacts — one that makes every part of it stronger. Keep up your end, but don’t be shy about asking for help if you think you need it.