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Horoscopes for January 25th






ARIES- If your ambitions aren’t clear this morning, they will be by tonight. You need to focus on your deepest desires and see what you can do to bring them closer to life. It’s easier than you think!

TAURUS- You are sticking up for tradition today, no matter what — even though your friends are trying to get you to try something new and a little radical. For now, you need to stick to your guns.

GEMINI- You know what’s right, and you know what you see in front of you — and the two don’t quite match up. It’s a really good time for you to see if your friends are ready to back you up.

CANCER- Try to get your people to share their ideas — but beware of too much conflict! It’s a tricky navigation task, but you are up for it and can reach a new consensus if you’re willing to compromise

LEO- You may run into someone with an ego problem — but don’t make things worse! It’s all too easy to get into a fight that looks to outsiders like a lose-lose situation, so make sure you’re the grown-up.

VIRGO- Try a little routine change today — you can shake things up without causing excess stress. Your life can improve dramatically with a little tweaking, but you need to be willing to accept the change first

LIBRA- Are you seeing someone? If so, swoop down on them by surprise and take them away somewhere romantic. If not, now is the time to get that date. Things are looking up for your love life!

SCORPIO- You need to deal with your familyor roommates today — they are driving you crazy, but that’s not going to get any better until you say something! See if you can show them a better way.

SAGITTARIUS- You may not think you need new friends, but they’re still out there waiting for you to make the call. Say hi to that intriguing stranger and see what comes of it. The odds are you’ll like it!

CAPRICORN- Even if you’re allergic to thinking about money, you still need to deal with your future in some sensible way — and your mental energy right now is perfect for it. Set up a retirement plan

AQUARIUS- You love change — though rarely, if ever, for its own sake. Today, you’re inspiring others to pick up the banner and run with it. You never know where change will lead, so it’s always funto watch!

PISCES- Your dreams are shaking you up a little — but in a good way! You need to pay attention to their clues and bring your waking life in alignment with them