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Feb 12th






ARIES- Give yourself permission to dream. You may be a realist by nature but a little bit of fantasy is not a bad thing and could do wonders for your confidence. Maybe you'll think of something you can use to your advantage.

TAURUS- Everything seems to be moving in the right direction for you now but the downside is that certain people are resentful of your success and may try to blow you off course. Don't let it happen. Be ruthless if you have to.

GEMINI- Mercury, your ruler, is on good terms with both Pluto and Saturn, so you will be thinking some pretty deep thoughts. Don't get too serious though. Yours is a sign that does best when things are kept as light-hearted as possible.

CANCER- You are appreciated by a great many people, probably more than you realize, and some of those people will go out of their way to show their gratitude towards you today. Enjoy your good fortune - you thoroughly deserve it.

LEO -Changes on the work front will create new opportunities and if you are quick to react to them it won't be long before you are moving up in the world. Don't ever doubt that you are equal to the job - you're the best!

VIRGO- Do you wish you were some place else than where you actually are? According to the planets you are thinking about making some kind of move and it could be a big one. Don't just change the scenery, change your lifestyle too.

LIBRA- It's highly unlikely that you will get through the day without clashing with someone you believe is a threat to your security. You may in fact be entirely wrong but it's better to be safe than sorry. Protect yourself.

SCORPIO- Anyone who thinks they can get the better of you intellectually is living in cloud cuckoo land. Your sharp Scorpio mind will run rings around them today and they'll think twice before they take you on again.

SAGITTARIUS- Stick to your timetable today - don't let anything distract you or let anyone lead you astray. You are on a very tight schedule at the moment and the slightest deviation could be disastrous. Make sure you're well-organized.

CAPRICORN- There is a great deal of tension both at home and at work at the moment and the best way to get through it is to stay calm. Above all, watch what you say: you can be rather harsh in your comments sometimes

AQUARIUS- You have a whole load of plans but not everyone in your social circle or at work seems to share your enthusiasm. But what of it? If you have to do it all yourself then you won't have to share the spoils!

PISCES- Mercury in your sign links with both Pluto and Saturn today, adding a sharp edge to your mind and an equally sharp edge to your tongue. Whatever it is you have to say no one will fail to get the message.