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Horoscopes for January 27th





ARIES- This is a terrible time to take on new projects — unless they are emergencies. Even then, try to take care of them as quickly as you can, letting yourself get back to routines as soon as possible.

TAURUS- You can’t keep this stuff bottled in forever — make sure that you’re letting the right people know what’s what. Things are sure to look up for you in the near future, but only if you can talk about your problems

GEMINI- You may twist someone else’s words around in your head until they mean more or less the opposite of what they had intended. There’s an upside, though: You should both understand each other better in the long run.

CANCER- Try not to focus on any intense tasks today — you’ve got enough to handle! You may find that your mental energy is better spent on creative brainstorming and other non-goal-oriented tasks.

LEO- Marshal your resources and figure out what you know before you make a move today. That includes your intuitive side, so if you’re not quite sure, give yourself a little extra time so it all feels right

VIRGO- One of your primary relationships is unraveling — but that doesn’t mean you have to watch it fail. Step up and say something if you think it will help. You never know what might work!

LIBRA- Do you have too many balls in the air? You may be better off dropping one (or two) instead of risking a show-stopping cataclysm. If you can pass off a job to a friend, so much the better!

SCORPIO- Let your creative side loose today — you never know where it might lead! Your spiritual and emotional sides are stronger than ever, and you may find that it’s easier to make a real difference

SAGITTARIUS- It’s hard to get started on anything today, so you may want to fall back on older projects or plans. That’s okay, but don’t let it set you back permanently. Get ready to take off tomorrow!

CAPRICORN- You’ve got some serious mojo flowing through you today — and you may show the world that you’ve got more than a few hot ideas. One person needs a deeper explanation, but it can make a big difference

AQUARIUS- Try not to worry too much about your material needs — they are likely to be met. Try not to hoard, or even to purchase anything, as the disconnect between your bank balance and reality may be huge.

PISCES- Try not to worry too much about what’s coming up today — you can handle it! You may also need to separate yourself from the group a bit, but only temporarily. You can move mountains if you try.