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Horoscopes for January 30th






ARIES- Try to arrange a meeting today your skills are at their peak, and you may find that people are more willing to listen to your side. Even those who can’t quite understand you are sympathetic

TAURUS- You are sure to butt heads with someone today — but the issue is deeper than whatever you may be squabbling about superficially. Make sure that you each find ways to respect the other

GEMINI- Communication is your specialty, and today brings it out in you and those around you. It’s easier than ever for your people to read each other and to make sense of even the weirdest ideas

CANCER- Not all of your suspicions are well founded — but at least some of them are! You should find that your energy is better spent in handling your own issues than in figuring out who’s lying to whom.

LEO- You need to make sure that you’re as committed to learning today as you were in elementary school — or maybe more so! Your mind is still sharp enough to take it all in with ease.

VIRGO- Your financial stress is making you a little crazy — but don’t do anything rash! You need to make sure that your energy is spent in deliberation, not in a panic. Get a friend to hear you out.

LIBRA- Focus on work and career issues today — especially if they involve communication or networking. Your social energy is blazing, and you may find that people are more willing to say something positive.

SCORPIO- You may not believe how bad things get when conflict erupts today, but try to just lie low and wait for it to pass. Sometimes people just need to blow off steam, and you need to let them.

SAGITTARIUS- You should find today more funthan you had hoped or expected. Things are looking up, and your energy is perfect for making advances and meeting new people. It’s impossible to leave a bad impression

CAPRICORN- You may feel the urge to hunker down and stick to your routines — and that is the best possible thing to do. Things are going your way, and you may find that life is better if you don’t rock the boat.

AQUARIUS- Make sure that you’re surrounding yourself with like-minded people, as today you’re prone to feeling like a loner. If you’re part of a pack, maybe the group can come up with something really wild!

PISCES- Can you believe everything you hear? Of course not. Today, though, you need to be especially wary of someone who seems like they know what they’re talking about. They’re trying to pull a fast one!