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Feb 13th







ARIES- There is tension in the air. Anything can happen at any moment. Go where your heart leads you today and don't worry about the consequences. It's okay to take a few risks - in fact it's good for you.

TAURUS- What happens today will take you by surprise, most likely because you have been fearing the worst. Could it be you were too negative in your evaluation of the situation? Of course, but now you know better.

GEMINI-Make sure you keep an eye on what partners and loved ones and work colleagues are up to today. Above all don't let them sign you up to anything you are not one hundred per cent convinced is good for you.

CANCER- Each sign is born with its own special talent and yours is your ability to sense what other people are feeling. Use that talent today to find out why someone you love feels under the weather - then cheer them up.

LEO- You can do no wrong at the moment, but that does not mean you have permission to do what you know is very wrong indeed! Yes, you can push the envelope, a little, but don't push your luck too far.

VIRGO- Lay down the law and make sure everyone you have dealings with knows what is expected of them. Things have been a bit sloppy of late, so get your act together and make sure those around you do likewise

LIBRA- There may be some major upheavals today but the Sun is Aquarius has you covered, so you don't have to worry too much. Other people may be a bit negative though, so watch out for harmful emotions.

SCORPIO- If there is a social or career opportunity you would like to take advantage of then go for it - now, this very moment. The longer you sit there thinking about it the more likely it is you'll miss out.

SAGITTARIUS- You can go anywhere. You can do anything. You are the master of your own destiny in every conceivable way. You find that hard to believe? Well start believing it because it's absolutely true. Never doubt yourself.

CAPRICORN-You need to go on the offensive today. You need to make sure your rivals understand that you will not just stand there and take what they choose to give you. You're the one with the talent, so you do the choosing.

AQUARIUS-  You know instinctively when other people are lying to you, and that ability will come in useful over the next 24 hours. You don't have to let them know you are on to them though, at least not yet

PISCES- Someone in authority seems to be asking a lot of you at the moment but there is a good reason for it, and an even better reason why you should play along. Maybe they are testing you for future promotion!