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Horoscopes for January 31st





ARIES- Find your patience and make the most of it — because you’re off to a slow start today! That can work to your advantage as long as you can find new ways to keep your boredom from spreading.

TAURUS- You’re all set for today’s boost to your love life — whether you’re single or partnered. Kin one way or another, your allure is exponentially growing to at least one crucial person, so make the most of it!

GEMINI- You’ve got to focus on more than one issue today, but you can tackle them all separately if you make the effort. Things are looking up for you, so make sure that you’re ready to throw yourself into the next big thing.

CANCER- If you can spend the day enmeshed in group activities, you should feel at your best. If not, it’s not the end of the world — just make sure that you’re communicating with those most important to you.

LEO- You’ve got an ego — who doesn’t? Things may be a little closer to the limits of what you can take today, though, so try hard to get your people to see that you’re the one who deserves support

VIRGO- See if you can get yourself out there in an unfamiliar — though not uncomfortable — situation. You need novelty to maintain your spiritual growth, and your energy can take even more of it than usual now.

LIBRA- You feel great — but that just makes it easier to overdo it. Try not to strain your body, mind or pocketbook too much, as things all tend toward moderation on a day like today

SCORPIO- You’re dealing with an unusual situation today, so make sure that you find a way to handle it with care. Things are looking up for you, but you may have to deal with some fallout for a little while longer

SAGITTARIUS- Can you tackle the small stuff as well as the big stuff? Today tests that idea and may find you wishing you could get back to long-term strategic planning. The details are kind of boring, but they are still vital!

CAPRICORN- You have to indulge your inner child — nobody else will! You have all kinds of positive energy and are able to make a real difference if you push things a little bit further.

AQUARIUS- Your education is never complete — and that’s how you like it! You may find that you pick up on something new and huge today — something that demands your intellectual attention for months to come

PISCES- You need to listen deeply to what people are saying and try not to get drawn in by their sweetness or poetry. They may be concealing something worrisome, but once you figure it out, you can handle it with ease.