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Horoscopes for January 1st








ARIES- You need assurances today — preferably in writing — that your plans and agreements are as permanent as can be. You know that nothing lasts forever, but you still want something to believe in.

TAURUS- You need to show off a little today — after all, you’ve got an indulgent side that demands release! Your amazing energy helps you to make a real difference in at least one friend’s life

GEMINI- Your sense of timing is right on today, and you can feel that you need to get down to business. It’s one of those days when you can wrangle numbers with the best of them, so go for it!

CANCER- Try something daring and original today — even if it’s just a different place for lunch! Your energy demands novelty, and if you can pull off something big, you should be able to maintain the momentum.

LEO- It’s really hard to tell the difference between right and wrong today — but that doesn’t mean you’ve lost your moral compass! It’s just that the issues you’re dealing with are firmly planted in gray areas

VIRGO- You need to step up and take care of that burning question that has been on everyone’s mind lately. Your great mental energy is perfect for sifting through data and coming up with pure gold!

LIBRA- Something weird is going on between you and a colleague — you may want to see if you can get your people to step in and intervene, even if you think you are in the right and on the road to victory.

SCORPIO- You may overreach somewhat today, but that’s just fine. Things don’t always have to be perfect in order for you to feel right about them, and now and then you need to show others that you’ve got flaws, too!

SAGITTARIUS- You need to focus on details today — otherwise, you may find that life gets ahead of you. Just try to chill out and take your time, because rushing is the one luxury you truly cannot afford just yet.

CAPRICORN- Try to take some time off today — you need to relax! You’ve got all kinds of good energy, but it’s a better time to invest it than to fritter it away. Do something you love doing but never get to do.

AQUARIUS- Things are getting weird — even for you! That doesn’t mean you need to freak out and run away, because you can handle nutty business better than most. Just bravely face life and then move on.

PISCES- You should take a stab at something creative today — your energy is just right for focusing your ideas and bringing them to life. See if you can take time off from your regular routines