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Feb 14th






ARIES- It doesn't matter what you do today so long as you do something. If you sit still for more than a minute this morning you may not get up again until the evening, and then only to go back to bed. Get busy.

TAURUS- There is no point trying to judge people by your own standards. They will never match up. The best you can hope for, today and any other day, is that they learn from your good example. So go on, be one.

GEMINI- The more others try to get you to change the more you should stick with what you know and trust. No doubt they will come up with all sorts of reasons why you should take a risk, but don't do it.

CANCER- What sounds like bad news is nothing of the sort - chances are you are looking at it from completely the wrong angle. Facts are facts, of course, but even facts can sometimes be open to interpretation.

LEO- You are not the sort to give up just because you failed at something once. Yes, you may be annoyed that you did not do a project justice, but there is still plenty of time to do it again and do it right.

VIRGO- There is something you have to do today and even though it may be a total bore you know that until you see it through to completion partners and colleagues won't give you a moment's peace. Get started on it now.

LIBRA- You may hear a few whispers or rumors today, most likely about someone you quite like, but you are advised to ignore them. Most likely it is just nasty tittle-tattle. Even if it is true it's still nothing to do with you.

SCORPIO- Don't cut any corners today because someone important is watching and they will make a big deal of it. It may be you have to do a lot of work for very little profit but sometimes that's just how it is.

SAGITTARIUS- You don't have to suffer fools. You don't have to put up with people who waste your precious time on trivial things. Tell them where to get off today, and say it in a way that makes it clear you mean it.

CAPRICORN- You may be eager to make changes but you won't be able to push partners faster than they want to go today. Which begs the question: have you signed up with the wrong partners? Give it some thought

AQUARIUS- No matter how hard you try to persuade a friend or work colleague to see things your way it just isn't going to happen, so give up. It's true you know: some people are almost as stubborn as you!

PISCES- Other people may be selfish and put their own interests first but not you. With Mars, Mercury and Neptune all moving through your sign you know it pays to be generous. The more you give now the more you'll get later.