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Horoscopes for February 2nd






ARIES- You’ve got at least one hot new idea that is sure to earn you some big kudos at work or at home. See if you can get your people to sit still long enough to hear you out — once you get going, you’re sure to wow them.

TAURUS- Talk up your emotional side today — you know you’ve got to air some emotions, even if they feel embarrassing or difficult. Your strength and energy should help you to face it all with style.

GEMINI- You’ve got to dance and flirt and get crazy today — your social energy demands motion! Even if it feels flighty or silly, that’s cool, because you can sweep up others in your ebullient mood!

CANCER- Details are key today, though others are likely to miss out on them. That means it’s doubly important for you to step up and focus on the dry data that can make or break your big plans.

LEO- You’re a great listener today — so much so that you might not say a word through some important meetings or heart-to-hearts. Nobody minds, as they know that you are learning what they want you to learn.

VIRGO- Your emotional side is taking a breather today (with good reason), so you need to rely on your left brain to get things done. See if you can get your people to step back and see the situation for what it is.

LIBRA- Your great energy should help you find a new way of communicating today — your people are more in tune with you, and vice versa. See if you can leverage this into something bigger!

SCORPIO- You’ve got to take a new look at that contract, lease or other binding agreement before signing off. Some tiny detail can make the difference between success and failure, and only you can spot it

SAGITTARIUS- Try to remember that you have a real effect on today’s activities — in fact, the outcome is likely all up to you! See if you can find a new way to shake up people’s assumptions to spread it around some.

CAPRICORN- You can’t afford to waste anything today — which means you need to start trimming fat. That can mean almost anything, from dealing with your budget to clearing out your storage space

AQUARIUS- You dream up a smart answer to a problem that nobody else had seen coming — and, miracle of miracles, you manage to get the right people to listen in time to do something about it!

PISCES- You may be busier than anticipated, especially by the end of the day, but don’t slack off — you need to get through this! Make sure that your people can back you up if you start to get overwhelmed