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Feb 15th







ARIES- You will have to make sacrifices in one area if you want to make progress in another. At work try to get important people on your side, because no matter how talented you happen to be you can't do it all alone.

TAURUS- Whatever your plans, whatever your schedules, whatever your deadlines, it is essential that you take life at a slower, calmer pace today. Everything you need will come to you if you let it. Sit back and let it happen.

GEMINI- You may not feel brave on the inside but try to look brave on the outside. Self-confidence is the key to success now and if you can convince people you've got it you'll get what it is you desire

CANCER- You may have to rely on partners and colleagues a bit more than usual over the next 24 hours. That means revealing information you might prefer to keep to yourself. Make sure you confide only in those you trust

LEO- You cannot possibly be the best at everything - no, really! - and the sooner you stop trying the better. You will achieve more over the next few days if you stick to the two or three things you are exceptionally good at.

VIRGO- You need to get serious about something of a creative or artistic nature. You may think you are serious about it already but deep down you know you have been holding back. As from today you must give it your all.

LIBRA- You don't have to suffer in silence if someone has cheated you in some way. Shout out loud about it. Kick up a fuss. If you don't make an issue of it now they will take advantage of you again later on

SCORPIO- Let others have their say first then, when they have finished, point out the flaws in their argument. You may not win many friends but you will make it clear you are not going to be taken in so easily

Sagittarius- Saturn's influence demands that you start thinking seriously about ways to make ends meet and make your money go further. In a nutshell you must spend less or earn more. Ideally, of course, you need to do both.

Capricorn- Strive to make a positive impression on people in positions of authority. The more you can show them that you are on top of your game the more likely it is they will turn to you when there is a promotion on offer.

Aquarius- You seem to be struggling with some serious questions about your place in the world - you certainly have not found the right answers yet. Don't worry, it's only a matter of time before it all clicks into place.

Pisces-People are looking to you to take a lead and you must not let them down. Today's Mars-Pluto link will endow you with loads of energy and no end of self-confidence. You'll need them for the tasks ahead.