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Horoscopes for February 6th






ARIES- If you don’t get things started today, nobody else is going to do so. You may not feel like coming out of your shell, but that just means that the rewards will be that much greater when you eventually do.

TAURUS- Your domestic situation is better than ever today, so make the most of it and kick back at home. You may find that your energy is well spent on cleaning, cooking or just chilling with roommates

GEMINI- You need to deal with your clutter today — though you may find a million distractions to keep you from the task at hand. If you can cut it in half, you should be able to make good progress later

CANCER- People may do double-takes when you walk by today, for all sorts of reasons. Your personal energy is incredibly strong right now, so you should be able to get them to see things your way soon.

LEO- Your ability to follow up with your pet projects is enhanced right now, so you should get out there and make something happen. If you keep calling, you’re more likely to get a positive response

VIRGO- You should do what you can to fall back on friends today — they want to help, and not asking them might be the same as insulting them. Swallow that pride and get them back on your team.

LIBRA- Your daily schedule is not likely to proceed as planned today — see if you can get your people to back you up when things start to unravel. Your flexibility is key to making life work today

SCORPIO- This is not the time for micromanagement — you’ve got to let go of control and see where things go. It’s a goodtimefor you to give positive feedback and let people do what they need to do.

SAGITTARIUS- Try not to tread too much into it if that date goes wrong — or that job candidate flubs a question. You are more likely to find yourself temporarily mismatched on a day like today.

CAPRICORN- When that friend or colleague blows up near you, remember that they don’t mean it personally — they just have no other outlet for their stress. Smile, relax, and let them apologize later

AQUARIUS- When was the last time you got any serious exercise? Now is the time to begin a new routine that you can stick to. You’ve got the commitment and the right kind of energy for it!

PISCES- Appreciation of music is enhanced today — and not just for you! Make sure you’ve got tunes playing everywhere possible, or bust out with a song on your own, if you’re feeling brave.