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Feb 19th





ARIES- Your duties and chores may be restricting you to one place but don't let it stop you from looking further ahead. Start making plans now. The day when you can do something with them may not be far away.

TAURUS- As an Earth sign you usually stick with the same old routines but if you try something different today the element of surprise could work in your favor. You may even surprise yourself by how much you enjoy it

GEMINI- The next few days will be hugely important for those Geminis who want to move up in the world. The Sun in the career area of your chart is on your side. Only fear of success can hold you back.

CANCER- Someone needs your support today. You may not entirely approve of the choices they have made but you will be there for them nonetheless. You may even be secretly impressed that they refuse to follow the herd

LEO- If you can't make others understand what you are trying to explain don't worry about it. This is one of those times when everyone is likely to get things mixed up, but it will all make sense in the end.

VIRGO- You might as well be more tolerant today because partners and loved ones will do their own thing whether or not you approve. In fact, if they know you object they may take delight in doing it all the more

LIBRA- Resist the urge to interfere in other people's private affairs today. If you stick your nose where it isn't asked for and isn't wanted you could find that you do indeed unite the warring factions - against you!

SCORPIO- It seems you are missing one final piece of a puzzle that has been annoying you for ages and you may well find it today. When you do, don't be surprised if the picture looks different to the one you expected.

SAGITTARIUS- The Sun in Pisces at this time of year makes loved ones a bit sensitive, especially to criticism, so keep your Sagittarian habit of calling it as you see it under control. You don't always have to tell the truth.

CAPRICORN- Honesty is always the best policy - but it cuts both ways. If someone says something you disagree with today you should look at their remarks closely before you hit back. Maybe there's some truth in their comments.

AQUARIUS- For some strange reason almost everyone you meet lately wants to be helpful, to do you favors. Should you take advantage of the situation? You most certainly should! It may be a long time before you are this popular again.

PISCES- Even if you are not a particularly ambitious Piscean the Sun's journey through your sign over the next few weeks will ignite your desire to make something of yourself. Bigger and better things await you. Go after them.